Skinny Jeans Challenge


What you get:

  • Starter guide, to prepare you mentally;
  • Challenging workouts for you to do at home;
  • Ready to go grocery lists;
  • 3 x weekly meal plans, with delicious healthy recipes;
  • Pre and post measurement assessments;
  • Hot nutritional tips
  • Goal planning sheet


Eat well 90% of the time and eat with no guilt 10% of the time. This 21 day programme will teach you just that.


Your Investment just $99.00  - you can use this over and over again.  This is for the 21 days.  If you wish to purchase the whole 6 weeks this is just $199.00


This is not a diet - this is a a learning tool. YOU are the one that can make this happen.


BUT WAIT.. there is now an additional 3 weeks to add on, recipes, meal plans, grocery lists.


You can now make this a 6 week programme, or if you have purchased the 21 days previously - add on the extra challenge and create the habit of a lifetime.  Great new smoothie recipes, treat days and toxic-free days.

Note: This programme will require effort on your part - you will need to put in the hard work, and use your willpower - but this will give you the tools to succeed.


When entering your telephone number please NO GAP between the area code and your local number










You are on your way to a New You.

It takes 21 days to develop  a pattern, and then another 21 days to form a habit.





Keep focussed and just conquer each day one day at a time.  Keep reminding yourself that you are making healthy choices for you!















Hi Karen,

I bought your eating plan after trying numerous diets and eating plans over the last few years since the birth of my children - I had lost weight but was struggling to continue losing weight.  I am 11 days in and feel like a new person so wanted to email to say thank you.  The way I am eating has changed completely - even on my treat days no sugar, no alcohol, less carbs and more veges.  I have lost 4.5kg so far and feel brilliant.  My goal on the 21 days was to go from 75kg to under 70kg and I feel like I will do that with no problems...  before that had felt unattainable and now it doesn't.  I feel like I know now what fuel my body needs.  My husband is eating the same food as me and he has lost 5kg.  So thank you very much - I am so happy that this caught my eye because it has been a real revelation.

Thanks, Fiona



Wow…. I just love this eating plan & exercise guide. This is the first eating plan that does not have red meat, pork ham etc. I don't eat any of these meats- just eat chicken, fish & steamed mussesl! Yum.

I have beensticking to the plan for 8 days now and have lost 2kgs, I feel amazzzzzzing. Lite & clean. The first 3 days were tough, but just pushed through. I am fairly lean any way, 63kgs 1.8 tall - my goal is 60 kgs.

Thank you so much for a wonderful eating and exercise plan, I take my goal to work, read through the menu, write down my exercise plan for the gym at 5pm . I am up at 6 making my smoothie and preparing my lunch/dinner.

Thanks once again… it truly is a easy / non expensive plan to stick too.  Sharron